Sleeping Pulse is the name of the musical collaboration between Mick Moss (singer/ songwriter of UK Dark Electro Rock band ANTIMATTER) and Luis Fazendeiro (guitar player and songwriter of Portuguese Atmospheric Metal band PAINTED BLACK) . Whilst Moss concentrates solely on lyrics and vocal lines here, all music is penned by Fazendeiro.
With their debut album "Under The Same Sky" they create a multi-faceted, modern Rock album that from a lusty-progressive groundwork bends bows to fragile acoustic passages, electronic elements, and soulful string quartet arrangements.
The albums concept explores sociopathic manipulation and career prostitution in order to achieve a goal, the disregard of other peoples emotions and lack of empathy by the sociopath, and the subsequent fallout as they flee the scene of the crime to find a new mark whilst leaving the victim to pick up the pieces.
The albums title 'Under The Same Sky' refers to the sociopaths modus operandi of convincing the victim that they are as one, whilst simultaneously extracting anything of value from the unsuspecting 'soulmate'.